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ASPEN Adult & Pediatric Core Package [PRINT ONLY]
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ASPEN Adult & Pediatric Core Package [PRINT ONLY]


Package Includes: 

The ASPEN Adult Nutrition Support Core Curriculum, Third Edition (© 2017) - Click for details

The A.S.P.E.N. Pediatric Nutrition Support Core Curriculum, 2nd Edition (© 2015) - Click for details

Purchase includes a complimentary copy of the ASPEN Pocket Guideline Card Pack: Pediatric Critical Care Guideline!


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The resources in this package provide a comprehensive knowledge base of information for practicing clinicians and for those preparing for the nutrition support certification exam.

There is not one particular resource to use for certification preparation. In general, these ASPEN resources are helpful to prepare for the certification exam to provide a variety of study formats. In addition to the core texts, the following references are suggested.

-      ASPEN Self Assessment Program. Tests existing knowledge with questions and answers online– variety of modules to choose from.

-     ASPEN Guidelines and Standards of Practice posted online (Available at no charge on the ASPEN website


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View the FREE lineup of podcasts and videos available for the Pediatric Core Curriculum to extend the life of the content beyond the page. 


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Pediatric Core Correction as of 03/25/2020:

Corrections: page 544, Table 32-1, Late Phase, red blood cell distribution width, increase; page 563, Table 32-8, Schofield Equation >18 y: (13.623 × wt [kg]) + (2.83 × ht [cm]) + 98.2)