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Metabolism at a Glance, 4th Ed
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Metabolism at a Glance, 4th Ed
J. G. Salway (Author)
This large format book presents colorful, easy-to-follow pathways on energy, carbohydrates, fat, amino acids, and steroids. Additional figures integrate metabolic pathways in fasting, diabetes, and Reye’s syndrome and several inborn errors of metabolism. Now in its 4th edition, the author has continued to improve the delivery of content, making these complex topics more user-friendly. 
Why the ASPEN Publications Review Committee recommends this book:
Metabolism at a Glance is a handy reference and teaching aid for those seeking a summary of the topic. The content is more accessible and less formal than traditional metabolism textbooks. Pathways are illustrated on large pages in their entirety rather than being presented in sections.  
About the author:
Dr. Jack Salway is a long-time lecturer of medical biochemistry in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Surrey.
Format: Paperback, Large format (11.25" x 13")
Pages:  144
Figures: Full color throughout book
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Copyright: 2017
ISBN: 9780470674710