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Child Welfare Journal Vol. 95, No. 6 (Digital PDF)
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From the Editor: In the Caring Embrace of Parental Love
Always Together? Predictors and Outcomes of Sibling Co-Placement in Foster Care
Carolyn E. Seale and Gissele Damiani-Taraba
Delinquency, Anger, and Parental Warmth: An Analysis of Youth who are Minorities and Living in Extreme Poverty
Jeremiah W. Jaggers, Sara Tomek, Lisa M. Hooper, Missy T. Malone and Wesley T. Church, II
The First Two Years out of Residential Care in South Africa: A Critical Period for Care-Leaving Services
Adrian Van Breda
Longitudinal Evaluation of ‘Pathways to Safety’: A Child Maltreatment Prevention Program in
Monterey County, California
Ignacio Navarro, Zuleima L. Arevalo and Martha J. Tweed
The Atlas Project: Integrating Trauma-Informed Practice into Child Welfare and Mental Health Settings
Erika Tullberg, Bonnie Kerker, Nawal Muradwij and Glenn Saxe