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Child Welfare Journal Vol. 99, No. 5
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From the Editor: Meaningful and Authentic Family Engagement


Child Maltreatment, Peer Victimization, Bystander Intervention Outcomes, and Survivors’ Long-term Health

Hyunkag Cho, Esther Son, Jisuk Seon, Sung Hyun Yun, Ga-Young Choi and Jungeun Olivia Lee


Head Start Impact on Social–emotional Outcomes Among Children from Families who are Low-income: Interaction Eff ects of Parental Outcomes

Kyunghee Lee and Kayla Kreutzer


Family Treatment Drug Court Cost Analysis: An In-depth Look at the Cost and Savings of a Southeastern Family Treatment Drug Court

Ashley R. Logsdon, Becky F. Antle and Cindy Kamer


Safety Science, Innovation, and Change in a State Child Welfare System: A Case Study

James M. Nyce, Noel Hengelbrok and Scott Modell


Authentic Family Engagement and Strengthening: A Promising Family-Centered Approach for Advancing Racial Justice with Families Involved with the Child Protection System

Corey Best, Morgan E. Cooley, Marianna L. Colvin and Vaughn Crichlow


An Evaluation of a Diversionary Program for Children of Color on Reentry into the Child Welfare System

Mathangi Swaminathan