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Child Welfare Journal Vol. 98, No. 5
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In This Issue:


From the Editor: Yes, Words Do Matter


Assessing Trauma in American Indian/Alaska Native Parents as an ICWA Active Effort

Nancy M. Lucero, Marian Bussey, and Tabitha Carver-Roberts


Transitioning Children in Foster Care to Adoptive Homes

Redmond Reams


An Analysis of the Demographic Predictors of the Use of a Louisiana Parenting Helpline

Lisa M. Olson


Social Work Degrees and Title IV-E Stipends: Predictive Factors for Worker Retention in Public Child Welfare

Patrick Leung, Monit Cheung, and Lindamarie Olson


Do Race, Racial Disproportionality, and Disparities Remain Foci of Child Welfare?: Words Matter

Harold E. Briggs, Christi P. Hardeman, Leon Banks, Adam C. Briggs, Junior Lloyd Allen, June Gary Hopps, and Daniel McCrary