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Webinar: Partnerships Not Sponsorships (2010)
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Session Description:A relationship between a park site, district, (geographical area) region or the Department as a whole, and a non-profit or for profit organization that enhances resources to maximize the delivery of services and increase program opportunities for communities through expanding facility utilization.

Speaker Info:
Vicki Israel has been Assistant General Manager of Los Angeles City Recreation and Parks for 3 years and has over 33 years of service and experience with Recreation and Parks.  Vicki received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Recreation Administration from the University of Arizona.  As Assistant General Manager, Vicki is in charge of overseeing the now annual Summer Night Lights Program, her leadership and commitment to duty is apparent by the tremendous success of the program.  Vicki dealt directly with the inception of the Program in collaboration with the Office of the Mayor, Gang Reduction and  Youth Development Division, in the Summer of 2008 by planning and organizing recreation staff to ensure the management of activities and outreach.

Learning Obejctives
Participants will:

  • Identify importance of partnerships collaboration with public/private organizations for profit and not for profit. 
  • Learn in difficult economic times, reaching out to partners can avoid closures of facilities and save municipal funding. 
  • Recognize the need for a variety of partners to enhance existing community resources

64 minutes
0.1 CEU