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50th Anniversary Plate - Fred Herbst
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Artist: Fred Herbst

Fred Herbst earned a BFA in Art from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. He then attended the University of North Texas and earned a MFA in Ceramics. He has been a professor of art at Corning Community College since 2000.

My utilitarian work often references the organic shapes found in the gardens I have tended throughout my life. A variety of vegetal forms have become the inspiration for the jars, bottles, plates, teapots and other functional forms I create. In my studio, I imagine the natural beauty and bounty that will someday fill my pots and the user. The scale of my functional work is modest in order to encourage thoughtful consumption.

Regarding technical process, atmospheric firing and the surface alterations I often create result in dynamic surfaces that add another layer of interest to the objects. The anagama and “glassagama” kilns I use were designed to allow for the most direct effects on the work. Clay bodies and specific shapes are selected for particular zones of each kiln to maximize the potential for dynamic surface patterns and coloration. Each piece is loaded in the kiln with concern for how the flame and ash produced during the firing will complete the long journey from idea to object.

Description of Plate:

Small Plate, anagama fired porcelain, thrown and altered, 7.5” diameter by 1” high


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