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Optimizing Performance of Plastics Extrusion Dies
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Leonard Sansone

Although the extrusion-die designer spends major amounts of time designing flow channels to provide the dimensions and properties of a product, there are several considerations that must made to ensure continued service life with minimum maintenance. Often, in the rush to complete a project, some important details are overlooked. In addition, the die designer should be involved in the product design in order to eliminate details that can be used with metals or wood but which may cause problems in manufacturing plastic products.

In this webinar, the instructor imparts some of the knowledge he has gained in over 35 years of troubleshooting die design problems, including:

  • Features to avoid in the design of extruded plastic parts
  • Steel specifications, heat treating, surface finishes and plating
  • Specifications for fasteners and adjusting screws
  • Planning for accurate assembly and fast disassembly
  • Vital instrumentation for pressure and melt temperature
  • Die heater specifications and insulation recommendations
  • Lip cooling for foam extrusion to avoid surface cell rupture
  • Obtaining accurate viscosity and melt density data
  • Determining output rate; it may be affected by cooling capacity
  • Effects of extruder type, single vs. twin screw
  • Avoiding problems at screw tips, breaker plates and screens
  • How to minimize effects of upstream features on flow distribution
  • Affect flow by controlling the preland channel shape and length
  • Optimizing total pressure drop across the die system
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