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Utility Cuts for Concrete Pavements (IS235|PDF)
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Non-Member Price$25.00
Merchandise Description

This information sheet describes our recommended practices for the restoration of utility trenches cut into concrete pavements.

It includes details on planning the utility cut location, size and shape; making the necessary cut(s) in the concrete slab; removing the concrete; excavating the subbase and/or subgrade; repairing/upgrading or installing the utility; backfilling and compacting or placing flowable backfill; installing necessary embedded steel (dowel bars and tiebars); placing, finishing, texturing and curing the new concrete surface course; jointing and joint sealing; and opening to traffic. 

Other design considerations such as precast panels, emergency patching, utility cuts in heavy-duty concrete pavements, utility cuts in concrete overlays, and utility cuts in pervious concrete pavements also are discussed. 

Product Code:    IS235PDF
Format:               PDF Download
Copyright:           2009
Pages:                  12

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