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The mission of the Journal of Shopper Research is to publish quality academic and commercial research that provides new knowledge and understanding of shopper behavior with the potential to improve business practice. This issue brings together four important topics impacting path to purchase today. More specifically, you will find in-depth analysis on ways technology, customer experience, and neuro and behavioral science can be used to improve shopper engagement in both brick-and-mortar and online environments. This edition includes four important articles from authors at respected academic and commercial institutions on the special topic of the customer experience: Indiana University, Ipsos and Eye Faster; PRS IN VIVO and the Center for Insights, Strategy and Innovation, LLC.


Each piece offers intriguing solutions to challenges in today’s retail landscape, from employing virtual reality to identify innovative ideas for shopper marketing, and using a more photorealistic online grocery shopping interface to create a better shopper experience, to employing biometric techniques – including eye-tracking, galvanic skin response, heart rate and voice analysis — to measure the effect of a simple gift on shoppers’ moods and behavior within the store, and modeling how the customer experience drives store loyalty.


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