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Running Tracks: A Construction & Maintenance Manual
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The purpose of this book is to promote quality design, construction, maintenance and repair of track facilities by providing information to owners, administrators, coaches, builders, architects and engineers. The word “track” as used in this book refers to the running track oval and to the related field events.

Since no two track projects are exactly the same, this book cannot provide all the answers. Rather, it is intended to explain the terminology, the options and the rationale for various choices. In other words, it helps interested parties better understand the important questions to ask as they prepare to make decisions on their track facility projects.

Asking questions is not only smart, it is essential. The investment of time and energy in learning about track facilities can yield a huge return in their quality and in the enjoyment that will be derived from them. The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) is committed to providing information to assist owners and users in making informed choices in order to promote the construction of quality track facilities.

Given this objective, this book is largely directed at the high school and college markets, where ASBA members do most of their work. Design and construction considerations for tracks at higher levels (tracks constructed for international competition, for example) are addressed by the Track and Field Facilities Manual, published by the International Association of Athletics Federations. See Appendix B in Chapter 9 for contact information.

Chapter 9 contains a number of appendices meant to provide additional resources for information, calculations, specifications and other useful materials for those involved in constructing track facilities. The end of the manual also features a glossary of terms commonly used in the course of designing and building a track. The terms included in the glossary are highlighted in bold text in the first reference in each chapter throughout this manual.

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