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The Art and Science of Patient Education for Health Literacy
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The Art and Science of Patient Education for Health Literacy

Publisher: Elsevier

Author: Melissa N. Stewart, DNP, RN, CPE

ISBN: 978-0-323-60908-1
Copyright: 2020

255 Pages. Approx. 32 illus.
(6 x 9 inches) 

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Dr. Stewart's book couples the latest research on how patients learn with practical tips and tools to engage patients. It is a valuable resource for a wide range of caregivers. She adeptly blends education methods into the medical model, offering guidance for both individual and team patient education efforts.


New evidence-based content on patient education:

  • Apply a proven patient literacy model to promote patient health and reduce hospital readmissions.
  • Learn to guide and assist patients in formulating their own healthcare goals.
  • Gain knowledge in how to approach different patients and accommodate their educational needs.
  • Better understand emotional states you encounter in patients and the grieving process so you can better communicate needed information.


Key book tools and features:

  • Handy, pocket-sized with colorful illustrations.
  • Self-Activation Tool to help patients activate their own learning.
  • Supplement your teaching and mentoring using the tools and summary of key points in each chapter.
  • Additional content and resources cover: Patient Education Hierarchy, Informational Seasons, the PITS mode, and the Understanding Personal Perspective (UPP) tool.


About the Author:

Melissa N. Stewart, DNP, RN, CPE is a Certified Patient Educator. She drafted the American Nurses Association (ANA)’s resolution, “Moving from health literacy toward patient literacy,” which was adopted by ANA as a major initiative in 2010. In 2012, she was elected to the ANA Congress on Nursing Practice and Economics where she helped further define its literacy policy. Her UPP tool was acknowledged by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) with an award for “most innovative healthcare project” in its Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP) pilot study. She completed a Doctorate of Nursing Practice at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH), master studies in education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and earned a Masters of Nursing Administration at Louisiana State University. She holds a BS in Nursing from Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL).