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Pediatric Core Curriculum 2nd Ed Downloadable Content: Chapter 33, Nutrition Access
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A.S.P.E.N. Pediatric Core Curriculum 2nd Ed Downloadable Content: Chapter 33, Nutrition Access

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Chapter 33: Nutrition Access
Beth Lyman, RN, MSN, CNSC
Sohail R. Shah, MD, MSHA, FAAP


Table of Contents


Types of Tubes
Nasogastric Tube
Orogastric Tube
              Gastrostomy Tube
Gastrojejunostomy Tube
Jejunostomy Tube
Tube Insertion  

Verification of Placement
Air Insufflation With Auscultation
Gastric Aspirate/pH Testing
Electromagnetic Tube Placement
Reverification of Placement

Nursing Care Related to Feeding Tubes 
Aspiration Precautions
Securing the Tube
Site Care
Checking Residual Volumes 
Flushing the Tube
Medication Administration
Feeding Pumps   

Vascular Access Devices
Peripheral Intravenous Catheters
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters
Temporary VADs
Tunneled VADs
Implanted VADs

Nursing Care Related to VADs
Obtaining Laboratory Specimens From a VAD
VAD Site Care
 Hub Care
Routine Flushing
Safety Issues
Administration Set Changes

Central Line–Associated  Bloodstream  Infection    


Anticipatory Guidance

Learning Objectives

1.      Describe the indications for use and appropriate management of nutrition access devices, including enteral and venous access devices.

2.      Relate the key components of nutrition access management that caregivers need to be taught.

3.      Formulate an evidence-based plan of care for nutrition access devices to guide clinical interventions that are age-appropriate and patient-specific.

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