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Child Welfare Journal Vol. 97, No. 6 Special Issue: Teens & Young Adults (Digital PDF)
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In This Issue:


Special Foreword: Twenty Years after the Foster Care Independence Act of 1999 ('Chafee'): What We Know Now About Meeting the Needs of Teens and Young Adults

Cassandra Simmel and Victoria Kelly


Ensuring Young People Flourish: Applying the Science of Adolescent Development through the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative

Jeffrey M. Poirier, Leslie Gross, Alex Lohrbach, Leonardo Johnson and Sandra Wilkie


Factors Predicting Patterns of Service Use among John F. Chafee Independent Living Services Recipients

Alfred G. Pérez, Richard J. Harris and Ka Ho Brian Chor


Countdown to 21: Outcomes from a Transition Support Program for Older Youth Exiting Foster Care

Sonya J. Leathers, Beth L. Vande Voort, Kuan Xing, Kevin Walsh, Jill E. Spielfogel, Lee Annes, Tracy Frizzell and Dondieneita Fleary-Simmons


Educational Trajectories of Youth Formerly in Foster Care who are LGBTQ: Before, During, and After Emancipation

Sarah Mountz, Moshoula Capous-Desyllas and Lalaine Sevillano


‘That Piece of Paper is Your Golden Ticket’: How Stigma and Connection Influence College Persistence among Students who are Care Leavers

John Paul Horn


Factors Associated with Postsecondary Engagement for Youth Leaving Foster Care: An Analysis Using the National Youth in Transition Database

Amy M. Salazar, John Paul Horn and Michael J. Cleveland


‘We Need That Person That Doesn’t Give up on Us’: The Role of Social Support in the Pursuit of Post-Secondary Education for Youth with Foster Care Experience who are Transition-Aged

Colleen C. Katz and Jennifer M. Geiger


The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Sexual Well-being among Youth Formerly in the Foster Care System

Richard A. Brandon-Friedman and J. Dennis Fortenberry


Identifying Strategic Entry Points for Services among Transition-aged Mothers who are Homeless

Mayra K. Cazares and Julia Hernández


Bridging the Transition: What Makes for Success in a Formal Mentoring Program for Youth Exiting Foster Care?

Sarah C. Narendorf, Reiko Boyd, Caitlyn Mytelka, Katy Vittoria and Mary Green


‘There are a Lot of Good Things that Come Out of it at the End’: Voices of Resilience in Youth Formerly in Foster Care During Emerging Adulthood

Kim Hokanson, Sarah Elizabeth Neville, Samantha Teixeira, Erin Singer, and Stephanie Cosner Berzin


Strategies for Engaging Youth Currently and Formerly in Foster Care in Child Welfare Policy Advocacy: Lessons from the New England Youth Coalition (NEYC)

Astraea Augsberger, Noor Toraif, Julie Sweeney Springwater, Grace Hilliard Koshinsky and Linda Sprague Martinez


Supporting the Healthy Development of Adolescents with Lived Experience in Foster Care: The Youth

Thrive Framework

Lisa Mishraky, Susan Notkin and Sarah B. Greenblatt