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RESI Environmental Control Endorsement
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This book covers the basic features, products, and design concepts identified in the ETA RESI Environmental Control Endorsement exam. Home computer networking has continued to grow over the past several years due to the advanced features available with network operating systems and economical network hardware devices.


The home computer network has also become central element for managing an array of new home digital automation applications such as home security, energy management and entertainment. The Microsoft Vista operating system released in 2007, for example, has been configured with two editions targeted specifically for the home network user. Wireless networking technology has become the choice for many home integrators due to the improved speed with upgraded releases of the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard and the relative ease of installing network devices in the home without wires.


As a home technology integrator, you will need to become familiar with the basic issues involved in choosing the right home networking products and wiring options, comparing their performance features, and building a knowledge base for making sound decisions on the road to preparing for the RESI Computer Networking Certification examination. This book will assist you on understanding the objectives and scope of the RESI Computer Networking Certification exam.


  • Identify user interfaces and their appropriate applications     
  • Define and recognize control systems which integrate subsystems in the home
  • Identify commonly used communication protocols and their application
  • Describe basic HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) terminology and install peripheral control devices
  • Describe basic lighting terminology and install peripheral control devices
  • Identify and install component power protection devices