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Maintaining & Repairing PCs - Textbooks and Lab Guide
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Author: Charles J. Brooks with Kelly Campbell
ISBN: 978-1-58122-135-0, 978-1-58122-136-7, 978-1-58122-137-4
Publisher: Copyright © 2010 by Educational Technologies Group/ Marcraft
Format: 3 Textbooks - Paperback - Black & White


628 Pages - Maintaining & Repairing PCs - Hardware
529 Pages - Maintaining & Repairing PCs - Operating Systems

338 Pages - Maintaining & Repairing PCs - Lab Guide

Prepares students with the knowledge, ability, and skills demanded by the computer industry and covers the objectives of the ETA International Computer Service Technician (CST) certification exam and complete coverage of the 2009 CompTIA A+ Certification exams. This edition features a unique integration of case studies from GeekSquad and an A+ objective map.

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