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RESI A/V Endorsement
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This book covers the basic features, products, and design concepts identified in the ETA RESI Audio/Video Endorsement exam. The home entertainment industry has expanded rapidly in recent years with the introduction of several new technologies and products. Home theater designs now compare favorably with commercial movie theater sound quality and screen displays. Surround sound and High-Definition TV (HDTV) bring a new dimension to the residential audio and video system capability.


This book is structured to identify and describe many of these innovative and emerging standards and technology associated with designing and installing residential audio and video components. The key objectives outlined and covered in this book will assist the home technology integrator to select the best options when planning and installing home audio and video systems, satellite antennas, and home entertainment systems.


  • Implement, maintain and troubleshoot multi-room audio systems           
  • Install, configure and maintain a residential home theater system
  • Assess, install and configure content management systems and describe their applications in a residential environment
  • Implement, maintain and troubleshoot multiroom video system