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RESI Basic Skills & Knowledge
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This book and lab guide set is designed to ensure that the RESI integrator is proficient in pre-wiring for home theater and telecommunications equipment interconnection. They will install network wiring for cable TV, satellite and antenna outlets, telephone equipment outlets, audio and video entertainment and computer equipment in such a manner that all communications can be integrated into one cogent IP bit stream, converged at the home controller. They will have the skills required for low voltage wiring installation. They will work from house telecommunications wiring plans, installing cable fittings and selecting the specified cabling for each technology. They will test, mark, and document all cabling and will have the ability to troubleshoot and restore pre-existing cabling systems.


  • Safety  
  • Industry Standards                                                        
  • Low Voltage Wiring 
  • Cabling - Connectors
  • Pre-wiring  
  • Electrical Basics                                                
  • Telephone Systems          
  • Fiber Optics
  • Residential Management
  • Premises Restoration      
  • Tools and Equipment                                                       
  • Customer Orientation & Documentation
  • Troubleshooting