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Webinar Recording 3/23/23: Telecom - Limits on Municipal Use of Public, Education, & Government Fees
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Square PEG in a Round Hole: Limits on Municipal Use of Public, Education, and Government Fees


This presentation will discuss the federal restrictions on local governments’ use of public, education, and government (“PEG”) fees paid by cable operators to support local government PEG channels, pursuant to the federal Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984. Unlike some types of municipal revenue and funding sources, which carry no restrictions regarding how they may be spent and which are designated for the general fund to be used anywhere needed, the use of PEG fees is limited. Although trying to fit PEG fees into a local government’s budget may be challenging at times, Federal Communications Commission orders and court cases provide guidance on the purposes for which local governments may and may not use PEG fees. This presentation will also cover a series of PEG “FAQs” to assist municipal lawyers in advising local government clients, relative to the limited purposes for the use of PEG fees.


Speaker: David Johnson