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Webinar Recording 5/28/20: Telecommunications - Update: FCC Cable Franchising Proceeding
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Update: FCC Cable Franchising Proceeding


In 2019, the FCC sought to further strip local governments of their authority over use of their rights of way as related to cable franchising. Last year, the FCC published a report and order entitled “Implementation of Section 621(a)(1) of the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 as amended by the Cable TV Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992”. This Order, among other things, significantly restricts a local government’s ability to impose franchise fees, and prohibits local government from regulating most non-cable services which includes broadband Internet services provided over a cable system. This webinar will cover the changes to local authority in cable franchising as a result of the Order as well as provide information as to litigation efforts. Additional topics may be covered.


Speakers: Gerard Lederer & Gail Karish