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ST18-2023C Looking Under the Hood: Emotion Regulation and Dual-Diagnosis
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This webinar will begin by introducing the audience to multiple processes associated with emotion regulation. First, we will review the Modal Model of Emotion Generation (Gross, 2010) which highlights four essential elements of emotions. Next, we will explore Gross’ Process Model of Emotion of Emotion Regulation. The webinar will then review some of the challenges that individuals with dual-diagnosis (including ASD) experience related to (a) regulating emotions and (b) learning/generalizing more adaptive strategies. The final part of this presentation will explore how various therapeutic models specifically address the emotion regulation and necessary accommodations for individuals with dual-diagnosis.

Julie F. Brown, PhD, is the author of the Emotion Regulation Skills System for the Cognitively Challenged Client: A DBT™-Informed Approach (2016). She has been a DBT trainer with Behavioral Tech, LLC (Linehan Institute) since 2005, specializing in improving the accessibility of DBT for individuals with cognitive impairments/behavioral health issues.