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Identifying and Serving Diverse Gifted Learners: Meeting the Needs of Special Populations in Gifted
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Grounded in a combination of evidence, personal narratives, interviews, data, and research, Identifying and Serving Diverse Gifted Learners: Meeting the Needs of Special Populations in Gifted Education is a guiding resource for all stakeholder groups in gifted education to shift the equity needle of gifted programs in America.

Though it is the right of Black, Hispanic/Latinx, twice-exceptional (2e), low-income, and other special populations of students to have access to advanced academic programs in the American educational system, complex and deep-rooted systemic issues often block the way. This seminal text thoughtfully brings the conversation around historically underrepresented students in gifted education to the forefront, drawing on real-world examples to provide an accessible discussion of foundational, interdependent topics, including current research and promising educational practices. Readers will develop a basic theoretical understanding of the issues and be able to advance more responsive programs and experiences for low-income, racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse gifted students, and other diverse gifted populations.

This text serves as a beacon to motivate K-12 educators, researchers, and scholars to carry the torch of advocacy on behalf of those students historically underrepresented in programs for the gifted and talented.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Supporting Gifted Students from Historically Underrepresented Populations  1. A Standing Commitment to Special Populations in Gifted Education [Jaime A. Castellano]  Part II: Expanding the View of Special Populations: Connecting and Understanding  2. On the Move: Helping Military-Connected Gifted Students Navigate Non-Promotional School Transitions [Melanie S. Meyer]  3. Educating Gifted Students with Trauma, Toxic Stress, and Adverse Childhood Experiences [Jaime A. Castellano]  4. The Why, Who, What, Where, and How for this Under-identified Underserved Population: Sedillo’s Gifted-GLBT Stages of Identity [Paul James (PJ) Sedillo]  Part III: Special Populations of Gifted Students  5. Serving Our Highly Gifted Learners: A Practitioner’s Guide [Dina Brulles, and Kim Lansdowne]  6. Growing Up Gifted in Rural America: Mitigating Challenges Posed by Geography [Kimberley L. Chandler]  7. Meeting the Needs of American Indian and Alaska Native Youth with Gifts and Talents [Anne Gray]  8. Fostering Cultural Capital and Creativity for Recruitment and Retention: A Holistic Approach to Serving Gifted Black Students in Gifted Education [Kristina Henry Collins, and Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn]  9. Gifted Identification and Services for Asian Americans [Rachel U. Mun, and Glorry Yeung]  10. Identifying and Providing Instructional Services for Twice-Exceptional Students [Megan Foley-Nicpon and Ching-Lan Rosaline Lin]  11. Young, Curious, and Resilient: The Population of Early Learners [Nancy B. Hertzog]  12. Identifying and Serving Gifted English Language Learners (ELLs) [Jaime A. Castellano, and Erik Francis]  13. Gifted Hispanic/Latino Students [Jaime A. Castellano]  Part IV: Reflections for Practice, Policy, and Research  14. Shifting Paradigms for Special Populations of Gifted Learners [Kimberley L. Chandler]


Edited by: Jaime A. Castellano & Kimberley L. Chandler

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2022

ISBN: 9781032208237

288 pages, paperback