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#2710 Pathways to Proficiency - What Was Done at the Meeting? (RONR 12th Edition)
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Many skills are required to manage an organization successfully. Among the many competencies necessary for a well-run group is the ability to write and maintain official records, particularly meeting minutes. Pathway to Proficiency – What Was Done at the Meeting is a comprehensive guide to everything about minutes.

This guide will assist those who are currently serving as the secretary of an organization or who may become the secretary in the near future. It may also benefit individuals who serve as a parliamentary resource for an organization. Other officers as well as any member may benefit from knowing in more detail what is required to produce and maintain minutes.

This book will assist the recording officer in the preparation of minutes for various types of meetings. In addition to providing instructions and checklists for the secretary to follow before, during, and after the meeting, the guide provides examples of how to record motions, votes, and other meeting activities.

This book can be supplemented with Spotlight on You the Secretary and A Great Meeting Needs A Great Secretary.