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#1650 Pointers - Workbook (RONR 11th Edition)
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The Pointers Workbook is designed to accompany Pointers on Parliamentary Procedure for those studying at the basic level.

Pointers on Parliamentary Procedure contains an excellent review of basic parliamentary procedure.  Originally written by NAP Past President Louise Bereskin, this new, updated and reformatted version conforms in all respects to the 11th Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.

The “Pointers” workbook includes exercises for each chapter on the following topics:

          ► Basic Rules, Principles & Fundamentals of Parliamentary Law

          ► Bylaws & Rules for Deliberative Assemblies and Societies

          ► Meetings, Order of Business, and Types of Business Meetings

          ► Main Motions – Resolutions

          ► Ranking Motions

          ► Rights of Members

          ► Debate

          ► Officers and Their Roles

          ► Voting

          ► Nominations and Elections

          ► Boards in Organized Societies

          ► Committees

          ► Committee Reports

          ► Changing the Bylaws

          ►Conventions and Delegates

          ►Organizing a Convention

          ► Helpful Hints

          ► Glossary of Parliamentary Terms

This workbook when used in connection with the Pointers on Parliamentary Procedure (also available from NAP) makes an excellent course in basic parliamentary procedure.

8 ½ X 11” inches – Spiral Bound