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50th Anniversary Plate - Matthew Krousey
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Artist: Matthew Krousey

Matthew Krousey received his BFA in ceramics from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. Krousey's pottery and murals have been exhibited locally and internationally, including an exhibition at Sanbao Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen, China. Out of his studio in Minneapolis, MN he creates functional pots decorated with abstract images of rural landscapes and animal characters. Matthew uses soda-fired stoneware to preserve memories and emotions evoked by the disappearing Minnesota landscape. “This region is being vastly altered by human hands, which is the reason I seek to preserve it upon the durable ceramic surface,” he explains.

My artwork preserves the vanishing Minnesota landscape through abstract imagery on functional pottery. This imagery consists of our threatened flora, fauna and native landscapes. I fire this work in a wood or soda kiln. This process creates a very durable product with great variation and depth. The use of these pots enables the public to appreciate the natural world around them in their daily lives.

Often I find myself making pieces that offer more surface area to decorate. Plates and platters are the most suited for this endeavor. On them I am free to draw with stains, glazes and wax, creating the layers and abstract images that I love.

NCECA has always offered me a break in the year to catch up on what is happening outside my region, a breath of fresh air and a meeting of old friends from the past. It is a welcomed educational experience before we all go back home and immerse ourselves in studio work.

Description of Plate:

Crane Plate, 2013, soda-fired stoneware, cone 10, flashing slip and stains 9 x 9.5 x 2.25

Price: $80

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