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2018 ES4H Virtual Conference - A Positive Conversation for Veterans with PTSD
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A Positive Conversation for Veterans with PTSD

Partnering with equines, instructors or licensed therapists in the industry are fortunate to work in an environment that is non-judgmental and non-threatening. When carefully cultivated, this environment can offer opportunities to veterans with PTSD to rebuild positive emotions, strengthen self-esteem and feel empowered and self-motivated. Trauma basics will be addressed along with opportunities to make the most out of time spent with veterans living with PTSD by engaging in thoughtful tasks that have the potential to promote improved thinking behaviors, information processing and the ability to navigate a social environment.  

Anita Shkedi introduced therapeutic riding in Israel in 1985. Since then she has continued to work in the field providing and facilitating Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy to challenged and disabled children and adults. She has a Doctorate and Master degree in Education, a postgraduate diploma in Preventive Medicine, and British State Registration Nursing diplomas as well as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor’s certificate. Her doctoral thesis researched Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy: Towards a Future Curriculum. In 2015, she received the Award of Excellence from the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame for her work in Israel. She is an author of the book Traumatic Brain Injury and Therapeutic Riding, which has been praised by any colleagues in the field of therapeutic riding.



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