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EFP and Choice Theory in Residential Addictions Treatment for Adolescents - 2018 Conference
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Integration of EFP and Choice Theory in Residential Addictions Treatment for Adolescents - 2018 Conference Recording


2018 PATH Intl. Annual Conference


Mental Health Track


Adolescents are a notoriously difficult population to work with in talk therapy. The application of Choice Theory to their treatment as well as experiential complementary therapies has been shown to enhance treatment and decrease recidivism in this population. The incorporation of EFP and Choice Theory into a six-week program with five adolescents in residential addictions treatment is described, including pilot study data, case studies and a detailed description of the structure of both the program and the research.  


CHERYL MEOLA, PHD, LPC, NCC, provides therapy and wellness counseling along with several talented equine co-therapists. Her research and clinical work focus on equine-facilitated therapy for clinical populations and equine-assisted wellness and stress reduction for professionals, veterans, parents, and others in day-to-day life.


DR. W. LEIGH ATHERTON, LPCS, LCAS, CRC, CCS, is with East Carolina University.


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