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The Barista Guild of America is the world's most powerful network for the professional barista. Your membership empowers you to build your path to success as a coffee professional. For more information about the Guild, please visit and return to this page when you are ready to purchase your membership.


There are 3 different ways to begin your membership with the Barista Guild: 


BGA Individual Membership | BGA Membership for individuals who do not work for SCAA Member Companies can purchase a 1 year BGA membership for $45. To do that, simply select "add to cart", below. 


BGA Individual Membership at SCAA Member Rate | One of the benefits of working for an SCAA Member company is access to many discounts, including a discount to BGA membership. If you know your SCAA membership discount code, you can add your membership to the cart and add your discount on the shopping cart screen. 

If you work for a SCAA member company but do not have the code, you can find it in the SCAA member benefits packet here (this link will only work if you are logged in & correctly connected to your SCAA member benefits). Please contact us is you need assistance getting your code or accessing your SCAA benefits.

5 or More BGA Memberships at one time: (for current SCAA member companies only) | Sign up for the low price of $150.00 (Includes five BGA memberships @ $30 each vs. $45)! Save $75 off regular membership when you sign up 5 or more baristas! To sign up for BGA Cafe Membership, please click here to fill out the application form. This option can take up to 7 business days, and is not available during Events early bird deadlines. Please note, for fastest processing, use the BGA Individual Membership at SCAA Member Rate option for each barista.


Final note: BGA Membership is a 1-year annual membership. Memberships activate within 24 hours of purchase (typically, memberships become active immediately). If you have not already done so, create your personal profile & stay logged in to purchase this item (your order will not process correctly if you attempt to purchase this item without a profile. Please provide as much contact information as possible while completing your profile, particularly if you plan to compete in our Coffee Competitions or attend BGA Events).If you have any further questions, contact the membership team.

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