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Introduction to Failure Analysis Part 1
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Introduction to Failure Analysis, Part 1
Jeffrey A. Jansen, The Madison Group

This webinar is an introduction to the failure analysis of plastic components. It will address fundamentals of how to conduct an analysis, including the most commonly used test methods. Attendees will become familiar with the various tests used to evaluate a failed part in order to determine the nature and cause of the failure. The key factors responsible for plastic-part performance, with an emphasis on ductile-to-brittle transition, will be reviewed. Attendees will also learn effects of material, design, production, and service environment on the useful life of a plastic component.

The course is based on practical applications, and the various topics are illustrated through case studies.

The series will cover: Introduction to Plastics Failure Analysis; Failure Analysis Methodology; Plastic-Part Performance Factors; Consequences of Ductile-to-Brittle Transition; Failure Analysis Testing Methods; and Illustrative Case Studies.

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