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Environmental Stress Cracking and Other Solvent Effects
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Jeffrey A. Jansen
The Madison Group

If you deal with plastic components, “Environmental Stress Cracking and Other Solvent Effects” will provide you with information that will enhance your understanding of the interaction between chemicals and plastic resins, and help you prevent premature component failure. Environmental stress cracking (ESC) is a phenomenon in which a plastic resin is degraded by a chemical agent while under stress, and it is a leading cause of plastic component failure. It is a solvent-induced failure mode, in which the synergistic effects of the chemical agent and mechanical stresses result in cracking. A recent study showed that 25% of plastic-part failures are related to ESC. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to ESC
  • Other solvent effects
  • Explanation of the failure mechanisms characteristic of chemical/plastic interaction
  • Case studies of some commone solvent-based failure modes
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