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Solar Module Polymeric Packaging: Selection Criteria and Failure Mechanisms
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Solar Module Polymeric Packaging: Selection Criteria and Failure Mechanisms
Michelle Poliskie, Consultant; San Jose, CA

The renewable energy sector is one of the largest beneficiaries of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This federal investment created a number of economic incentives to increase consumers’ attraction to renewable energy. However, solar remains one of the most expensive forms of energy. Thus in addition to these economic incentives, technological breakthroughs are necessary to make solar a viable energy alternative. One of the emerging technological trends is to utilize low-cost polymeric packaging for solar modules. A package’s primary function is to ensure the solar cells will operate reliably over their 25-year lifetime. Therefore, the selected polymer must simultaneously decrease manufacturing cost and maximize reliability. Implicitly, solar companies are relying on the polymer community to develop commercial offerings that will meet their requirements. This webinar will explore this emerging market for polymer products by elucidating where polymeric components are used in solar modules and their selection criteria.

Highlights include:

  • Historical description of polymeric packaging;
  • Introduction to various solar technologies (silicon, thin film, concentrated photovoltaics);
  • Optical, mechanical, thermal, electrical, and weathering requirements;
  • Certification requirements in the U.S. and elsewhere;
  • Common failure mechanisms.
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