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Laser Welding of Engineering Plastics
Member Price$75.00
Non-Member Price$99.00
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Laser Welding of Engineering Plastics
Raymond Ballou, BASF and Chul Lee, Consultant


Laser welding of plastics has progressed from light-duty applications to mass-production automotive applications where high performance and reliability are required. In order to meet high-performance requirements, glass-reinforced grades of engineering plastics, such as PA and PBT materials, are employed.  Successful production that involves laser welding requires precise control of material characteristics and the molding and welding processes.  Of particular importance are those parameters that affect optical properties, namely laser transmissibility through the top layer and laser absorption by the bottom layer of the parts being welded. The webinar will cover:

  • Basic principles of laser welding
  • Laser-optical properties of glass-filled PA and PBT: Laser Energy Transmission (LET)
  • Material compositions that affect laser welding
  • Injection-molding process parameters that affect subsequent welding
  • Laser-welding process parameters and optimum process
  • Characterization of weld quality
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