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Tools and Techniques for Creative Problem Solving
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Scott Laman
Teleflex, Inc.

Problems are inevitable; to turn problems into challenges and ultimately into opportunities, effective problem solving often requires new ideas and ways of thinking. This presentation is about infusing innovation and creativity into the problem-solving process. The objectives are to:

  • Learn the appropriate idea-generation tools to use at each stage of the problem-solving process;
  • Apply new, creative thought patterns to problems and quality-improvement efforts;
  • Avoid common errors in data collection and interpretation.

Some familiar tools are presented, as well as less-known, but extremely useful, techniques. We start with the basics by identifying general types of problems, solutions, tactics, and strategies. Then we focus on Six Sigma’s DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) methodology and discuss tools used at each phase to generate information and ideas. The “I” phase is expanded to “Improve and Innovate,” as individual and team creative thought processes are discussed. Participants will discover new methods to enable them to lead and participate on teams more effectively. They will be able to immediately apply new concepts to creative problem solving, both at work and in personal life. Various publications, checklists, and templates will be made available after the workshop.

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