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Tensile Method Review and Comparison for Reinforced Polymer Composites
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Kevin E.Schuman
Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories

Test methods ASTM D 638 and ASTM D 3039 are both currently used to determine the tensile properties of reinforced polymer composites.  They differ significantly in methodology from sample geometry to reporting requirements.  This talk will review and compare these methods to demonstrate how to select the appropriate method to meet material test requirements.

In-depth technical information covered in this presentation includes:

  • Generating tensile property data, including discussions n optimum test speeds, and use of straing gages, extensometers and other means for data collection
  • Interpreting tensile property data, including stress/strain curves and characterizing failure modes
  • Choosing correct specimen configurations and appropriate conditioning
  • Equipment requirements
  • Where to find information on material guidelines
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