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Green Roadways - Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Concrete Pavements (SR385|PRINTED)
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This is an updated version of one of the most requested ACPA publications in recent history. The 16-page publication begins with a basic overview of sustainability, and then, describes key sustainability attributes of concrete pavement.

In addition to focusing on recycling and resource reduction and re-use, the publication is also updated to include use-phase considerations. The publication includes sections that specifically cover the lower energy footprint; natural resource reduction; use of industrial byproducts such as fly-ash and slag; pavement renewal methods; and quiet surface textures. The publication also describes how pervious concrete pavements can improve water quality; how concrete pavements are 100% recyclable; and how light-colored concrete pavements can reduce lighting requirements and mitigate urban heat-island effect and global cooling.

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Copyright:        2011
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