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2013 International Conference on Wood Adhesives CD-ROM (#7520)
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The Wood Adhesives Conference is held every 4-5 years and truly brings research together with practical knowledge. Along with putting emphasis on international transfer of information, we want to expand the emphasis on the impact of energy on bonded wood products and the needs for more effective use of wood resources. Energy conservation and efficient use of wood resources whether in the final building performance, construction of the building, or production of bonded wood products plays an increasing role. This has led to a continuing need for research and implementation of new adhesives and bonded wood products. The conference is an important forum for interchange of knowledge and ideas for both the adhesive and the bonded wood products community. Topics Covered: •Energy concerns and opportunities for bonded forest products •Structure and properties of bonded wood products •Impact of regulations and consumer preference on wood products •New wood-based bonded products •Bio-based and novel adhesive systems, resin chemistry •Bonding to unconventional substrates •Analytical and Testing Methodology •Developments in Fundamental Understanding of Wood Bonding •Modeling •Composites •Engineered wood products •Other applications