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Webinar Recording 8/29/23: Construction - Alternative Project Delivery in Public Construction
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Alternative Project Delivery in Public Construction: Dissecting the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Contract and Best Practices


This program will introduce municipal counsel to key differences in procurement, contract drafting, contract and claims administration and liability for Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) delivery. CMAR contracts are emerging on the municipal construction landscape as valuable tools in the public owner’s toolbelt. As public owners turn to these project delivery models, municipal officials will turn to municipal counsel for answers. Learn both the subtle and gaping differences in the procurement and contract models, since this is not your grandparent’s low bid procurement. Program participants will learn effective two-step procurements for CMAR, best-value procurement and how to protect your municipality with tried and tested revisions to standard form industry contracts. The program wraps up with our signature “Traps for the Unwary.


Speaker: Steven “Tip” Torres