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Helping Gifted Children Soar: A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers (2nd Edition)
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Parenting gifted children is “…the world’s biggest, highest, longest roller coaster…a theme park full of thrill rides. Sometimes you smile. Sometimes you gasp. Sometimes you scream. Sometimes you laugh. Sometimes you gaze in wonder and astonishment.”
This updated, user-friendly guidebook educates parents and teachers about important issues facing gifted children and the adults who guide them, such as selecting appropriate schools, expanding and differentiating the curriculum for gifted learners, and supporting children who experience stress, depression, perfectionism, friendship issues, and more. The information and useful advice contained in this book make it an ideal resource for those just starting to learn about gifted children, as well as seasoned veterans.

Topics include:

  • Is my child gifted or just smart?
  • Characteristics of gifted children
  • How schools identify gifted children
  • Types of gifted programs
  • Learning options and the ideal classroom
  • How parents and teachers can work together
  • Parenting approaches

Author: Carol Strip Whitney, Ph.D. with Gretchen Hirsch

Publisher: Great Potential Press/2011

Length: 330 pages/paperback
ISBN 10 digit: 1-935067-17-6