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Deposit on Retail Service Supplier Credential application fee
Member Price$400.00
Non-Member Price$400.00
Merchandise Description

The proposed Retail Service Supplier credential is designed to promote the best practices for delivering contracted service to retail clients.

To achieve the credential, a retail service supplier must:

  • complete a series of short courses in legal administration, financial management, human resources, and contracting,
  • document its business infrastructure, and
  • demonstrate its financial ability to operate.


Register in advance; help Shop! launch the credential
To launch the proposed program, Shop! must undertake the development of four high-quality pre-recorded webinars, the application materials, and a record storage process.

To ensure that the venture will not lose money, Shop! must receive a commitment from at least ten companies in the form of a $400 deposit on the program registration fee. Then, when the program opens, those companies that are Shop! members will pay a balance of $800; the total fee paid, $1200, will reflect a 25% discount off the regular member rate ($1600). Non-members will pay a balance of $1100; the total fee paid, $1500, will reflect a 25% discount off the regular non-member rate ($2000).

If $4000 in advance registration fees is not collected by December 31, 2019, then all the application fees collected up through that point will be refunded and the program will not be developed.

Please direct questions to:
Melissa Campbell
Shop! Education Manager


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