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Continuing Education - Identifying and Quantifying the Lost Opportunities Not Captured by Big Data
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Education Credit: MaRC - Research PDU
Credit Amount: 0.5
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Identifying and Quantifying the Lost Opportunities
Not Captured by Big Data

A Journal of Shopper Research article and quiz


Course Description
Big data captured by retailers’ UPC scanners and customer loyalty cards reflect what has sold, but do not reveal why people made their selections or measure what people considered but left behind. Understanding shopper motivations and lost opportunities requires an approach that integrates three types of data that are typically kept separate: observations of actual shoppers; interviews about their attitudes, experiences, and motivations; and basket scans of actual purchases. This approach, called “quantitative ethnography,” draws on observations and interviews with real shoppers on real trips. In this Journal of Shopper Research (JSR) article from Spring 2017, John Dranow discusses how this methodology can drive action plans for manufacturers and retailers to stimulate more trips and larger baskets.


Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Use ethnographic data to calculate lift metrics.
  2. Identify three decision-making paths that lead shoppers to purchase.
  3. Identify the four types of decisions shoppers make.
  4. Understand how product category and customer segments affect customers’ decisions and their path to purchase.
  5. Identify the three levels of engagement of shoppers and identify marketing strategies and tactics that are most appropriate for targeting each level.

Credits: Successful completion of this course will provide current Shop! MaRC holders with 0.5 PDU in Research towards their tri-annual recertification.


Course Length: 30 Minutes
Course components: Journal of Shopper Research article, 10-question quiz
Shop! Value Cycle Focus: Phase 1 of the Shop! Value Cycle – Research
MaRC Recertification Credit: 0.5 MaRC – Research PDU


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