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Pediatric Core Curriculum 2nd Ed Downloadable Content: Chapter 10, Nutrition and Early Development
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The A.S.P.E.N. Pediatric Core Curriculum 2nd Ed Downloadable Content: Chapter 10, Nutrition and Early Development

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Chapter 10: Nutrition and Early Development

Ricardo Rueda, MD, PhD
Esther Castanys-Muñoz, PhD
Richard W. Gelling, PhD
José M. López-Pedrosa, PhD
Yen-Ling Low, PhD
Christina Sherry, PhD, RD
Barbara Marriage, PhD, RD


Contributors and Peer Reviewers
Foreword and Preface


Chapter 10 Contents

Physiology of Pregnancy
Impact of Maternal Dietary Deficiencies on the Fetus
Folic Acid and Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Multiple Micronutrients
Physiology of Lactation
Impact of Maternal Nutrition During Lactation on the Infant
Impact of Nutrition and Other Stresses on Fetal Metabolism
Organ Growth, and Development
History and Epidemiology of Fetal Origins of Disease
Expansion to Postnatal Growth Period
Integration of Prenatal and Postnatal
Programming Effects
Early Programming in the Premature Infant
Animal Models
Animal Models of Dietary Manipulation
Animal Models Induced by Endocrine or Paracrine Mechanisms
Animal Models Induced by Surgical Manipulation
Third and Future Generation Effects
Implications for Future Health
Implications for Current Practice
Future Research Needs


Learning Objectives

1. Achieve familiarity with the normal physiology and metabolism of the fetus and know nutrient deficiencies associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes.

2. Know common late adverse manifestations of early programming observed in epidemiologic and animal studies.

3. Be aware of potential mechanisms involved in late and transgenerational effects of early-life programming.


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