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Pediatric Core Curriculum 2nd Ed Downloadable Content: Chapter 11, Human Milk
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The A.S.P.E.N. Pediatric Core Curriculum 2nd Ed Downloadable Content: Chapter 11, Human Milk


Chapter 11: Human Milk

Jacqueline J. Wessel, MEd, RDN, CNSC, CSP, CLE


Contributors and Peer Reviewers
Foreword and Preface


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Lactation Science
Breast Milk and Maternal Medications
Contraindications to the Use of Human Milk
Human Milk and the Premature Infant: The Relationship
Between Human Milk and Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Preterm Breast Milk
Breast Milk Fortification
Adjustable and Targeted Fortification of Human Milk
Banked Human Milk
Vitamin D
Growth of Breastfed Infants
Breast Milk Safety and Administration
Continuous Infusion of Human Milk
Human Milk Use in the Infant With Chylothorax


Learning Objectives

1. List 3 benefits of the use of human milk for the infant.

2. Describe the rationale for human milk fortification for the premature infant.

3. State the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation for the use of vitamin D with an exclusively human milk-fed infant


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