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Child Welfare Journal, Vol. 91, No. 6 (Digital PDF File)
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Table of Contents:


From the Editor: Eyes on the Prize: Maintaining a Family Focus At Home and Abroad


Parent Engagement in Child Safety Conferences: The Role of Parent Representatives

Marina Lalayants


Engaging Families in the Child Welfare Process Utilizing the Family-Directed Structural Assesment Tool

Tara McLendon, Don McLendon, Pamela S. Dickerson, Jane K. Lyons, and Karen Tapp


Measuring Social Support Among Kinship Caregivers: Validity and Reliability of the Family Support Scale

Kerry Littlewood, Jayme R. Swanke, Anne Strozier, and David Kondrat


Defining a Target Population at High Risk of Long- Term Foster Care: Barriers to Permanency for Families of Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances

Becci A. Akin, Stephanie A. Bryson, Tom McDonald, and Sheila Walker


The Association Between Child Maltreatment and Coping Strategies Among Finnish 9th Graders

Sari Lepistö and Eija Paavilainen


Child Protection Policy Reform in Quebec: Its Impact on Placement and Stability in Substitute Care

Daniel Turcotte and Sonia Hélie


Mental Health of Foster Children: Do Biological Fathers Matter?

Femke Vanschoonlandt, Johan Vanderfaeillie, Frank Van Holen, Skrällan De Maeyer, and Caroline Andries