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Webinar Recording 4/23/19: Land Use - Marijuana Business Zoning and Licensing
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Marijuana Business Zoning and Licensing



In this webinar I will first discuss the differing regulatory regimes for marijuana at the federal, state, and local levels, highlighting the issues and concerns that arise from conflicts between differing regulations among these levels of government. This part of the webinar will focus on: (1) how states are able to make marijuana legal when it is illegal under federal law and (2) how states do — or do not — accommodate local preferences for regulation of marijuana on states where marijuana is legal.

Second, I will discuss the legal issues local governments face in states where marijuana has been legalized in some form. In these states, local governments must comply with state law as regards their regulation – or prohibition — of marijuana businesses. These choices can address any of the following, depending on state law: (1) accepting, reviewing and processing applications, renewals and transfers; (2) issuing and renewing business permits and licenses;; (3) deciding on zoning approvals for marijuana production facilities, retail stores and other establishments; (4) tracking multiple department inspections of new licenses or changes, as well as annual inspections; (5) managing building permits for construction of new establishments; (6) conducting code enforcement investigations, hearings and other enforcement activities; (7) collecting fees for permits or licenses; (8) collecting business taxes; (9) managing activities that are subject to environmental, health or safety regulations, such as regulating establishments that produce edible products infused with marijuana; and (10) sending required reports to the state. This part of the webinar presents an overview of these issues and discusses the differing regulatory approaches and experience of representative cities


Speaker: Alan Weinstein