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Webinar Recording 5/13/19: Telecommunications - FCC Changes to Cable Franchising
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FCC Changes to Cable Franchising


2019 finds local governments fighting to preserve their property rights and management authority over use of their rights of way. One example of this struggle can be seen at the FCC where local governments are in a battle to preserve non-financial obligations found in cable franchises negotiated locally or pursuant to state laws.  The FCC released a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that, if adopted, would permit a cable operator to reduce its franchise fees in an amount equivalent to what the cable operator values those services and use a cable franchise as the legal justification for deploying non-cable assets in your rights-of-way.  Estimated franchise fee range from 30  to 70 percent, depending on the number of cable operators that are in your community.


Speakers: Gerard Lederer, Nancy Werner & Negheen Sanjar