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The Mid-Level Manager in Student Affairs: Strategies for Success
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Edited by Robert L. Ackerman, Editor
Foreword by Larry D. Roper
Middle managers face a distinct and challenging role in student affairs divisions. They occupy the space between entry-level professionals and senior student affairs officers. Success as a mid-level manager depends on how well the professional manages relationships, performs the job, and navigates the institution.

The Mid-level Manager in Student Affairs: Strategies for Success gives both new and seasoned mid-level managers practical solutions and advice for mastering the key areas of management in student affairs. This how-to guide offers important tips for:

  • Forging powerful cross-campus relationships
  • Communicating up and down the hierarchy more effectively
  • Managing staff, supervisors, and constituents
  • Developing professional skills
  • Seeking out and sustaining mentorships
  • Leading change from the middle
  • Advancing within the field of student affairs
Through research, reflections, and personal stories, the authors—experienced, respected, and accomplished higher education professionals—present a wide range of learning and awareness issues that mid-level managers face. In addition, chapters on the unique experiences of mid-level managers of color and community college mid-level managers provide specific recommendations for these groups.
The Mid-level Manager in Student Affairs is an essential resource that gives you the skills, knowledge, and tools to become a change leader on your campus.
Paperback | 2007 | 338 pages
ISBN-10: 0-931654-51-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-931654-51-0