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Evaluation, Design and Construction Techniques of Recycled Material for Base (JP014|PRINTED)
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This final research product is a set of evaluation, design, and construction guidelines, developed with industry input, to define the minimum standards pertaining to material and engineering properties for using recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) as unbound base.  These criteria will allow designers to use RCA bases and provide the basis for assuring owners that pavements constructed with RCA base will perform successfully. 

Economic benefits will ensue as the cost savings associated with re-use of RCA drive down the costs of pavement construction. 

Also, societal benefits will accrue, because RCA can replace a portion of the virgin aggregates and in the long run will reduce demand for virgin aggregates and the environmental impacts associated with aggregate mining and production.

This document is the final product of IPRF research project #IPRF-01-G-002-03-5.

Product Code:    JP014P
Format:               Printed Research Report
Copyright:           2006
Pages:                  182

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