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Acceptance Criteria of Airfield Concrete Pavement Using Seismic & Maturity Concepts (JP012|PRINTED)
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Under this project, maturity and seismic nondestructive testing technologies were evaluated as a basis for developing new acceptance criteria for concrete airfield pavement construction. The study included extensive experimental work on concrete specimens and small slabs of different mixes that were cured under different conditions as well as on two airfield pavement construction projects. Seismic tests were performed with the free-free resonant column (FFRC)devices in the laboratory and with a nondestructive device called the portable seismic pavement analyzer (PSPA) in the field.

This study shows that concrete strength can be estimated from either seismic modulus or maturity or both with appropriate calibrations. The pavement thickness measurement is a by-product of the seismic test conducted for the strength estimate.

The main goals of this report are to provide the rationale behind the selection of promising technologies for further consideration, to develop a process to evaluate their technical merits, and to develop protocols for the practical implementation of the new technologies. Resource requirements for the recommended methods and a proposed percent within limits (PWL) specification for the new acceptance criteria are also presented.

This document is the final product of IPRF research project #IPRF-01-G-002-02-2.

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Format:               Printed Research Report
Copyright:           2006
Pages:                  66

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