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Sic Itur Marker Stone (With Engraving)
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Non-Member Price$335.00
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Brochure Application Must be Downloaded and Mailed to 700 Wing Edmonton


“Sic Itur” Walkway
The “Sic Itur” name comes from the Latin motto, “Sic Itur Ad Astra” which means, “Such is the way to the Stars”.
This motto is laid in stone and passes beneath your feet as you make your way from the main entrance of the Aviation Museum, through the Memorial Garden, towards the Aviation Memorial. This Memorial, to all Aviation men, women and organizations, is situated on the site of the Alberta Aviation Museum on Kingsway in Edmonton. The names of honourees are permanently inscribed on inlaid granite stones at the Aviation Memorial site.
Each side of the Memorial represents one of the three air services that operated at the Blatchford Field Airport, namely (A) Air Forces (Military), (B) Bush Pilots, Pioneers and Experimenters and (C) Commercial Air Industry. The Aviation Memorial stones are in an area representing a propeller. On the top of the monument is a cone depicting the nose of the propeller. Three flagpoles are installed opposite each point of the “propeller”.

Such is the Way to the Stars - Sic Itur Ad Astra

Eligibility Criteria

•    Any person who has served or is now serving in any of the Canadian Air Forces, that is the RCAF, CAF, CF Air Element, Canada’s Air Force, R.C.A.F.A., by any other later name (all hereinafter referred to as Air Force)., RNAS or RFC or RAF, Canadian Naval Air Croup (C.N.A.C.), Canadian Forces Dental Service Personnel (C.FD.S.) attached to the RCAF during the war.
•    Any Canadian who has served, or is now serving, in an Allied Air Force. Any allied foreign military persons assigned to duty with our Air Force-past or present. Any person from the Commonwealth or from the United States and Allied Nations who trained in Canada under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan or flew out of Blatchford Field during WWII.
•    Any woman or man who, during the war, was an employee of the government or an aircraft industry who worked in the air bases in Canada to replace men who were released to join the services.
•    Any person who was or is employed by a commercial Canadian airline company, bush pilot or ground crew of the northern bush pilot era, past and present.
•    Any R.C.M.P. member whose duty is in the field of flying.
•    Any person who had or has a private pilot’s license who has piloted out of Blatchford Field.
•    Any air member of the Cadet Instructors Cadre of the CAF who is approved by the Memorial Board.
•    Any person who has membership in an organization pertaining to flying, ballooning, building aircraft or experimenting in air flight.
•    Any other person who may be approved by the Aviation Memorial Fund Committee after receipt of application from a sponsor or sponsor group.
•    Any organization that sponsors the advancement of Aviation (e.g. 700 (City of Edmonton) Wing, Royal Canadian Air Force Association).

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