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Sect 3 Download: Disease States and Nutrition, ASPEN Pediatric Core Curriculum
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The A.S.P.E.N. Pediatric Nutrition Support Core Curriculum 2nd Ed., Section 3 Download  — Disease States and Nutrition

Editor-in-Chief: Mark R. Corkins, MD, CNSP, SPR, FAAP

Associate Editors: Jane Balint, MD; Elizabeth Bobo, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC; Steve Plogsted, PharmD, BCNSP, CNSC; Jane Anne Yaworski, MSN, RN
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Section 3 includes the following chapters:

18.    Neurological Impairment
Ala K. Shaikhkhalil, MD
Robin Meyers, MPH, RD, LDN

19.    Eating Disorders
Mary Pat Turon-Findley, MS, RD, LD

20.    Food Allergies
Cassandra L.S. Walia, MS, RD, CD, CNSC
Mary Beth Feuling, MS, RD, CSP, CD
Leslie M. Gimenez, MD
Praveen S. Goday, MBBS, CNSC

21.    Diabetes Mellitus and Other Endocrine Disorders
Alaa Al Nofal, MD
W. Frederick Schwenk II, MD

22.    Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Sandy van Calcar, PhD, RD, LD

23.    Cardiac Disease
Janice Antino, RD, MS, CNSC
Mindy Freudenberg, RD, MS, CNSC
Anupama Chawla, MD, DCH, CNSC

24.    Renal Disease
Christina L. Nelms, MS, RD, CSP, LMNT
Marisa Juarez, MPH, RD, LD
Bradley A. Warady, MD

25.    Gastrointestinal Disease
Donald George, MD
Elizabeth Bobo, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC
Jill Dorsey, MD, MS

26.    Hepatic Disease
Samuel A. Kocoshis, MD
Renee A. Wieman, RD, CSP, CNSD
Monique L. Goldschmidt, MD

27.    Intestinal Failure
Robert H. Squires, MD
Kishore R. Iyer, MBBS, FRCS (Eng), FACS

28.    Pulmonary Disorders
Laura Grande, MS, RD, CSP, LDN
Allison Mallowe, MA, RD, LDN
Maria Mascarenhas, MBBS

29.    Oncology, Hematopoietic Transplant, Gastrointestinal Supportive Care Medications, and Survivorship
Nancy Sacks, MS, RD, LDN
David Henry, MS, BCOP, FASHP
Kristen Bunger, MS, RD, CNSC
Kelly Kolp, RD, CNSC
Andrea White-Collins, RN, MS, CPNP
Britt Olsen, RN, MSN, CPNP
Kyrie L. Hospodar, RN, MSN,CPNP
Susan R. Rheingold, MD

30.    Trauma and Burns
Arlet G. Kurkchubasche, MD

31.    Surgery
Arlet G. Kurkchubasche, MD

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